An easy green way to quick dry greenware when it's cold outside. DIY hot box.

The other day I made some porcelain mugs for an up and coming local cafe. They needed the pieces by the end of the week for a photo shoot. So, I needed to get them dry fast, and even, and did I mention they were porcelain:/.

I didn't have a hot box / drying cabinet / damp cabinet, but it's winter and the heat is on. So, I rigged up my own little system with a ware board, some 2 inch posts and a cardboard box. 


You might want to play around with your system to see how fast and even things dry. ✨I just wung it, crossed my fingers, and it worked out. ✨ As long as you've done the work of aligning the particles in your clay, you should be good. This was my schedule.

I threw them on Saturday.

Sunday, still too wet, so I trimmed on Monday. Tuesday they sat under plastic.

Wednesday morning, in the hot box. Ready to fire by Wednesday afternoon.

It was about 17 degrees in Columbus, and My thermostat was set at 71 degrees. The heat was kicking on about twice an hour for 5-10 minutes. 

I put the mugs in a circle to help the handles dry slower, and flipped them over about every hour and a half. The towel was draped over the vent. Not sure if this helped direct the heat into the box, but maybe. 


The box was a little smaller than the shelf.  The flaps were standing, with the tinker toys can and the jug on the other side supporting them. 

I've been doing this a lot now and like putting it together before I go to bed, dry by morning. Try  this instead of candeling the kiln. It takes no time or skills, and saves energy and kiln wear while it's cold outside. 🙌.

Now, if you need to dry your pieces slowly, here's a good article on quick diy damp cabinets.

Here are the finished pieces.  

Porcelain with Bronze + White glazes

Porcelain with Bronze + White glazes