Gahanna Herb Day 2017

Putting together some planters, vases, mugs and more for the Gahanna Herb Day event.  This will take place Saturday, May 13 from 9AM - 4PM at Creekside Park & Plaza @ 117 Mill Street in Gahanna. 

 Herb day features an annual herb sale, a variety of fun activities and informative herbal workshops. Just in time for Mother's Day!


Here's a little preview and the link for the website. It has a schedule and a list of all the other vendors that will be there.


Housing Works DOAD 2017

Thankfull to be a part of Housing Works Design on a Dime benefit for 2017. This wonderful event pulls together 60+ top designers to create full room vignettes celebrating design and New York, while raising funds to end HIV/AIDS and homelessness. 

Check out their website for more info and to buy tickets.

Here's a sneak peek of the pieces I contributed to Kirsten Yadouga's vignette.  Can't wait to see what she puts together. 




An easy green way to quick dry greenware when it's cold outside. DIY hot box.

The other day I made some porcelain mugs for an up and coming local cafe. They needed the pieces by the end of the week for a photo shoot. So, I needed to get them dry fast, and even, and did I mention they were porcelain:/.

I didn't have a hot box / drying cabinet / damp cabinet, but it's winter and the heat is on. So, I rigged up my own little system with a ware board, some 2 inch posts and a cardboard box. 


You might want to play around with your system to see how fast and even things dry. ✨I just wung it, crossed my fingers, and it worked out. ✨ As long as you've done the work of aligning the particles in your clay, you should be good. This was my schedule.

I threw them on Saturday.

Sunday, still too wet, so I trimmed on Monday. Tuesday they sat under plastic.

Wednesday morning, in the hot box. Ready to fire by Wednesday afternoon.

It was about 17 degrees in Columbus, and My thermostat was set at 71 degrees. The heat was kicking on about twice an hour for 5-10 minutes. 

I put the mugs in a circle to help the handles dry slower, and flipped them over about every hour and a half. The towel was draped over the vent. Not sure if this helped direct the heat into the box, but maybe. 


The box was a little smaller than the shelf.  The flaps were standing, with the tinker toys can and the jug on the other side supporting them. 

I've been doing this a lot now and like putting it together before I go to bed, dry by morning. Try  this instead of candeling the kiln. It takes no time or skills, and saves energy and kiln wear while it's cold outside. 🙌.

Now, if you need to dry your pieces slowly, here's a good article on quick diy damp cabinets.

Here are the finished pieces.  

Porcelain with Bronze + White glazes

Porcelain with Bronze + White glazes

In Transformation -presented by the art and artists of 614 & friends of the library

Excited to be included in the exhibition, opening this week at the Carnegie Gallery. If you're in town, stop out tomorrow and hang out!

Exhibit Dates: January 19 – March 3, 2017.Opening Reception: Thursday, January 19, 2017, 6 pm – 8 pm.

The Carnegie Gallery is located on the second floor of the Columbus Metropolitan Library (96 S. Grant Avenue, Columbus, OH 43215). The gallery is accessed via stairs in the main entry foyer.

Rooster Totem    stoneware, bronze Glaze    2016

Rooster Totem  

stoneware, bronze Glaze  


Inspired by my grandmothers who always seemed to have a rooster or two in their kitchens.  I was told they brought luck, but recently discovered that the rooster is a complex fellow, rich in meaning.  In addition to success and good fortune, the symbol represents;

  • Eccentricity
  • Uniqueness
  • Ego
  • Lack of Fear
  • Curiosity
  • Sexuality
  • New Beginnings
  • Sun Engergy

This link has a fascinatingly thorough compilation of information on the rooster and its many attributes. It's like Totem heaven.  

Also, 2017 is officially the Year of the Rooster!








Studios on High Gallery

So excited, one of my pieces will be included in the Studios on High Gallery's Fall show, Hit The Hop. On display October 1 - 30th. 

I'll be there Sunday, Oct 2nd from 4-6 if anyone wants to hang out.  


Shift  Stoneware, glaze    15.25" x 3"   2016


Stoneware, glaze  

15.25" x 3" 



GCAC 2016 Community Arts Partnership Awards + Exhibition

Excited to be included in the Greater Columbus Arts Council's CAP awards & exhibition. The exhibition will include twenty works from ten local artists and takes place September 2-15 at RAW Gallery in Columbus, Ohio. 

The two pieces I chose to submit are dealing with the weight felt in the world today, and the yearning for escape.  

Sea of Oblivion 2016  Infinite Gravity 2016

Sea of Oblivion 2016

Infinite Gravity 2016

A little something GCAC wrote About the Community Arts Partnership awards:

The Art Council’s Community Arts Partnership Award program, now in its 33rd year, recognizes the community’s crucial contributions to the arts including financial support, non-cash contributions, volunteer involvement and board participation. Strong partnerships between businesses, community members and the arts stimulate economic growth, promote the city’s revitalization, encourage tourism and enhance Columbus’ cultural image and give life to the city.

The event will honor individual and business winners in six categories at a luncheon on Thursday, October 13 at COSI Columbus, 333 W. Broad St.

Each year, as part of the program, the Arts Council purchases the work of three local artists to present to the three business honorees. Ten local artists are selected to show two works each at the CAP Art Selection show in August. Three works are chosen through a jury process by the Arts Council’s former and current board of trustees to present at the awards program in October.

Upper Arlington Labor Day Arts Fest

I'll be here, booth 117

Labor Day, September 5, 2015  10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Northam Park
2070 Northam Rd. Upper Arlington
FREE Admission


The annual Labor Day Arts Festival is a one-day blind-juried arts festival that is now entering its 50th year and will be held on Monday, September 5, 2016.  Presented by First Federal Bank and hosted by the City of Upper Arlington, the Festival draws over 25,000 people each year and is considered the City’s signature event.  Located in the beautiful neighborhood setting of Northam Park, the Festival showcases the works of local, regional, and national artists working in a variety of media.  A variety of activities add to the Festival’s success as a family-oriented event: an Entertainment Stage with local performers playing all day, an Art Activities Area with performances and arts/crafts activities for children and adults and a variety of refreshment booths.  Nearly 200 volunteers make this community event possible.

Sci-fi Pottery

Super excited to have a piece purchased by FOX Studios Australia. I was told it'll be in Ridley Scott's new film 'Alien Covenant'. The release is scheduled for 2017.   That's about all I know. Can't wait to see what they do with it! 

15-1/2" Tall x 4-1/2"  Wide. 

Midnight & Bronze Bottle

Midnight & Bronze Bottle

Housing Works NYC

Last week I was contacted by NYC designer Laura Bohn. She asked if I would be interested in donating some pieces to the HOUSING WORKS NYC- DESIGN on a DIME BENEFIT. 

After checking out the website it took me about two seconds to decide.  I'm in. 

Housing Works is a non profit based in NYC focusing their positive energy on the fight against HIV/AIDS and homelessness. 

The benefit will fund a new housing development, transforming a 6,000 sq ft. empty lot into a home for 26 single, formerly homeless adults living with HIV/AIDS.  Through sustainable design and construction, the Hull Street residence will provide a safe and beautiful place to live.   

More information on the event, and Housing Works NYC can be found here. 

Feeling honored and humbled to have an opportunity to contribute.  Here's a preview of the pieces I'll be packing up.  Check them out in person at Laura Bohn Design's Vignette. 




Kick Wheel Queries

This is my kick wheel. It's an old Randall I bought off EBay in 2013. It originally came from Marietta College, says the label on the seat post. 


From the beginning it's had a little shimmy that I barely notice, but drives my husband insane. Every so often he looks it over and tries to determine the cause. This time he flipped it over and found what he believes to be the culprit.  

Weights added to the bottom of my Randall kick wheel.  

Weights added to the bottom of my Randall kick wheel.  

I'm guessing they were added to make the wheel spin longer. However, adding them all in one spot is causing the wheel to spin unevenly and shimmy a smidge. It's not really noticeable on small pieces, but can be a little challenging when throwing large.  

So, we decided to try and remove them.  


The dremel didn't do much, so we moved up to the angle grinder with a cutting disk. It was still taking forever. These welds were meant to never be broken!  So, we decided to take a break. 

As we sat drinking our coffee, with the wheel on its side, we noticed that the weights had spun to the top. We stared, baffled. Shouldn't they be at the bottom?  No matter how we turned the wheel they always made their way back to the top. So, we decided to stop the removal and are now thinking of adding more weight to see if we can get it balanced.  

Anyone else have a kick wheel with this sort of issue?  I couldn't find much info out there on the Internet.  

As of today, we didn't have the energy to haul it out to the garage to weld on more weight. And I can't decide if it really needs fixed. So, it continues to drive the husband crazy, but at least he solved the mystery. 

Happy uncentering everyone!

My favorite slightly off center pot.  

My favorite slightly off center pot.  

Ceramic mini vessels =Valentines

Made some itty bitty pots for the adult Valentine's Day exchange this year. Complete with little hearts on the bottom of each piece. Spreading the love! 




Mini pottery knoll in blue. 

Mini pottery knoll in blue. 

Close up. #ineedamanicure

Close up. #ineedamanicure

ADHD + Libra = each piece is unique.  

ADHD + Libra = each piece is unique.